Treatment evaluation FAQ's

Where do I find the Case Assessment Tool on the Invisalign Doctor Site?

The Case Assessment Tool is located on your Invisalign doctor Site [IDS]. You will need to create a new patient file and upload the intra-oral pictures to receive an automated response.

What is the Case Assessment Tool

The case assessment tool is an automated tool that helps the doctor to identify suitable cases to be treated with Invisalign Go. It will create an assessment report based on the following clinical conditions: Crowding/Spacing, Smile width, Overbite, Overjet, Cross Bites, Bite Relationship and Tooth prominence.

What Clinical Criteria are assessed with the Case Assessment Tool?

  • Crowding /Spacing [4-6mm with no more than 2-3 mm overlap between two teeth]
  • Expansion [3mm expansion with 1.5mm per side at the canine/1st premolar region)
  • Posterior crossbite [No posterior crossbite can be corrected with
  • Anterior crossbite correction [Up to 2 teeth can be corrected depending on severity]
  • Overbite correction [Up to 3mm of overbite correction can be achieved with 1.5mm per arch for intrusion or extrusion ]
  • Bite relationship change [No bite relationship changes can be made except overjet correction up to 3mm.]
  • Tooth prominence or inclination [ Up to a ten degree change can be achieved in tipping of the anterior incisors].

How do I use the Referral Tool ?

After you have received your case assessment, the op-on to treat or refer will be available to you. By pressing the REFER button, you will be directed to the referral recipient Doctor list. You can preselect your referral recipient Doctors which will then be automatically displayed. These can also be changed at anytime by visiting your Dr Profile page.

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